Modern Day Depression

As depression rates surge, one in four Americans suffer from severe depression at some stage in their lives. Where has our society gone wrong?

Dr Steve Ilardi, a professor of clinical psychology and author of The Depression Cure gives an insightful talk reminding us that we were never designed for the sleep-deprived, badly nourished, fast pace of modern civilization. With such radical changes to our environment in the last two hundred years, we have not had time to adapt genetically to living in considerably more stressful conditions.

His six principals to curing depression naturally are

  1. Exercise
  2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  3. Sunlight
  4. Healthy Sleep
  5. Anti-ruminative activity
  6. Social connection

Unfortunately, these seemingly simple actions that were once a simple way of living, are not always quite as easy for many people to sustain in this modern day. As we increasingly replace face time with screen time, it’s important that we make a conscious effort to take things back to basics.

Watch the video here..

Depression is a disease of civilisation