I have written three new books that are coming out soon.  Farmacy Kitchen launches in July.  I am so proud of this book about conscious living and plant-based food. There are 80 delicious recipes but together my friend and food genius Pietro Cuevas.  We wrote the book in one hot month last Summer in Ibiza and had so much fun.  Pietro, Emily Pearson and myself were the team that put together a book that I am very proud of.  Check it out in bookstores.

I am writing a new book co-authored with Jasmine Hemsley. This one is on a hot topic that is still under wraps.

I am currently writing a new title about Creativity and this will be launched towards the end of the year.  This one is about how to get into the creative zone with lots of great tips and practical exercises.

I will announce details about the new books soon.

It´s an exciting time in raising awareness around more conscious living and reducing stress with a simpler living style.

Instructions for Happiness is up for a re-release as an e-book version. Details will be announced about this closer to the time too.




Instructions..’ is a step-by-step manual for the mind.  It gives a road map for working out how to run your mind for greater happiness and calm.  Easy to read, colourful and practical.

The chapters lead you through a process for manifesting and positive reality creation using the power of thoughts, feelings and intentions.

It is a blend of ideas from ancient wisdom and modern science.  Quantum theory shows us that thoughts and emotions have power and affect the outcome of reality. The book talks in easy language about the impact of this and how we can harness the power of our emotions.

Read the start of the book here and listen to the free audios that download the information deep into the neurology supporting the journey through the book.

Here’s a taster of the first chapter.

Download Chapter 1

To order the book: Waterstones   Amazon UK   Amazon US  Barnes and Noble US