Susie Pearl

Writer and author on expanding life into balance, mindfulness, creativity and developing positive healthy habits.

I trained as a psychologist with a degree and Masters in Social Science and psychology.  After years of studying, I began working in TV, writing scripts and traveling around the world to discover that I knew less than I had realised.  Working at MTV creating International live music events and working on TV shows was fun and connected me to some amazing music artists working at creative genius levels.  I was lucky to work with Michael Jackson, Madonna, David Bowie and many of the great artists of our time. I returned to the UK and founded an entertainment and celebrity PR agency. I sold the agency to Done and Dusted TV group after years of fun and a hectic lifesytle and planned to move and live in my happy place, the beautiful island of Ibiza. It was an island that I had loved for years and each time I visited, I made a promise to myself that I would live there one day.  That dream came true.

Shortly before leaving, I ran into Paul Mckenna several times in different places. We were already friends from my days with MTV. After these random moments, he said, ‘It must be fate. Come and work with me in my personal development seminars business’.   I wasn’t sure that the time was right for me – I had just decided to move to live in the sun and get away from city life – but we arranged to have lunch anyway. We talked excitedly about the power of the mind and techniques for making positive changes.

I cannot remember how he got me to change my mind, but I started working with him the next day and stayed working with him for 7 years. It was a fun journey learning about mind technology and techniques for personal development and change. We worked together every day and laughed a lot. Books were written, seminars were arranged and a lot of fun and great work was covered in the process. Happy days.

I continued my exploration of mental techniques, the inner technology that exists within us all and the power we have to connect to the powerful resources inside ourselves. I explored the research and studies on brainwave states and studied the ways to develop awareness with leading edge techniques. I trained in how to work with phobias, anxieties, obsessions and spent many years training with the best people in the world of personal transformation and change, coaching and personal development.

This began a journey into finding the best new and ancient techniques and tools for personal development. My life has been dedicated to this, finding the best people around the world and learning what works.

Paul Mckenna:  ‘Susie is the most positive person I know’

Paul McCartney was the first to read ‘Instructions for happiness’ when it was still in manuscript form. He asked me if he could read it and I printed off a copy for him the day before he left to play at The White House for Obama. He took it with him and so began the book’s incredible journey.  He’s an amazing soul, hugely supportive of people doing good and one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met.

Susie Pearl is a total force of nature, unique and so much fun. We’ve been supporting each other in our quest for being fearless for many years. I’m excited about her book. Her book is vibrating on my book shelf and shouting ‘KT, KT’.
KT Tunstall

These days I have moved out of the fast city life into a more gentle life in the hills working on personal development coaching. I write books, present at workshops, talks and retreats. I’ve worked closely with the David Lynch Foundation for a few years now and continue to work to help get meditation out to the world. I’m passionate about the power of regular meditation to help with creativity, health and stress management.

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time researching the best strategies for dealing with depression – one of the biggest problems of our time – especially in young people. I had to face this close up in my own family and it was a tough and difficult time. Using natural methods and a combination of tools, I have spend a lot of time researching and learning about the best non-pharmaceutical ways to handle depression in children and young people.  I’m interested in ways to create fast and positive change from within and how to use creativity to heal and blast through limiting blocks.

Mind and Music

Founder and CEO of a top entertainment communications agency in London that developed leading international strategies for world famous brands and faces including MTV, Madonna, Sony and Adidas – coaching people and brands in that process. This is where my interest in personal development began. The company I founded is now part of the Done and Dusted Entertainment Group based in NY, LA and London.

Before this, working at MTV Europe looking after big stars, red carpet events, MTV Music Awards and the MTV Movie Awards in LA. I worked with Paul Mckenna as Managing Director of his personal development training company and supporting Dr Richard Bandler, creator of NLP. Before this, a broadcast presenter for a time on children’s TV.

I´ve had the joy and scars of working with big names in music and entertainment including Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Victoria Beckham and the Spice Girls.

Nature ways

These days, I am working with people from science, leaders in mind-technology, nutritionists, exploring the power of meditation, sound resonance for healing and as an explorer of new routes for how we can transform and grow healthier using natural integrative methods for personal development. I work closely with health food creators, other writers and with notable names from the world of media, music and film who are seeking more soulful ways to live the best life they can.