12 step road to happiness

I’m regularly asked to do lists on the top things that are important to happiness. Here’s a list of 12 areas that come up as being the best things we can do to get on the road to happiness fast.

Road to happiness

  1. Help others regularly – strangers and friends
  2. Exercise daily and take care of your body like it’s the only one that you’ve got
  3. Appreciate what you do have and talk this up
  4. Have things to look forward to both big and small
  5. Try out new ideas that you’ve not tried before
  6. Give to others
  7. Spend more time outside in nature in forests, hills, sea locations, places of beauty
  8. Have a clear direction of where you’d like to go
  9. Connect with people regularly and build friendship
  10. Take a positive approach to thinking, talking and feeling
  11. Be comfortable with who you are now
  12. Keep learning

Happiness: it’s an inside job – every time.