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About Susie Pearl

Welcome to my blog about living consciously and healthily. I’m a writer on current trends in wellbeing, creativity, health and happiness. I write about the power of living positively to find more harmony and less stress.  I explore how we can live being kinder to ourselves and other animals, finding better ways to take care of our precious planet.  Leading with better food decisions and taking in less harmful chemicals in our everyday life.

Technology is moving fast, the world is in a time of big change and there is a lot of fear and anxiety around. Stress and related diseases is one of the biggest killers in modern civilisation. It’s time to put more focus on ways we can reduce stress and positively work towards healthier and happier lifestyles.

I’ve spent a lot of time investigating new ways to live happier with supportive routines and spent time finding out how we can get more connected to our self and to others around us.

This blog is a place where I love to share information on easy and useful tools for creating balance and wellness.

I founded a successful global entertainment communications agency, ran a successful personal transformation business, and explored tools for transformation from around the world. It’s been a colourful journey. And I´ve lived a life with a lot of stress for a long time. There have been spectacular meltdowns, traumas and life events which have all paved the way for some serious soul searching.

Last year I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and that came completely out of the blue for me.  I had started to lose my memory and my neighbour noticed this and became concerned.  She made me go to the local hospital for a check up,  they did an MRI scan straight away and the diagnosis of a huge brain tumour was concluded.

I remember the doctors saying, ‘It is not my job to dress this up and i have to just tell you the way it is.  This scan result is not good news and the outcome doesn’t look good. You are unlikely to stay alive after 8 weeks unless you agree to chemotherapy’.  They said that it was very likely that I wouldn’t survive the process anyway.

I made a decision that I would survive it and it was not my time to go. I am a mum and had a teenage son who needed me and I knew in my heart that it was not my time to go anywhere.

The journey that followed taught me deep and profound lessons about life, friends and family. I now have a clear bill of health, two clear MRI scans showing that the tumour has gone and is fully healed and am entering back into life and have returned home after 10 months of treatment in hospital.

I’m a different person now after this deep journey and it feels like I have had new upgraded operating software installed following this experience.  I’ve learnt how to ask for help and receive support from the amazing community around me.  My family have been amazing and all pulled together. We all got closer and I ended up living with my brothers on rotation for the months after I left hospital. They all helped and supported me during my recovery from the effects of chemo and stem cell replacement therapy.

My family life is in a quiet place in the centre of Ibiza. I’ve been learning from nutritionalists, shamans, scientists, spiritual warriors, CBD oil experts, sound healers and people in the communities of radical thinkers and new consciousness scientists.  I have been using meditation, hypnosis,  intention setting, prayer and other methods to help my healing journey, Here is my writing about using mind, body, spirit in ways old and new.  I survived cancer and lived to tell the story.  I kept the faith that I could heal and I did. I took control of my thoughts and would not allow myself to dip into any negative conversations or thought patterns. I held it steady all that time and it worked.  I meditated and prayed daily and had an amazing community who pulled together to support me while I was in hospital and having treatment.

I have a new book out early next year with Jasmine Hemsley, called True You, published by Bluebird.  We had started writing the book before I got ill but now its going to be a very different book after the deep journey I went on last year.  We have both got a lot more depth to bring to our writings on the subject.

I´ve got another new book that I’m writing at the moment called The Art of Creativity. It will come out in a few months and features interviews I have done with Russell Brand, KT Tunstall and other famous names. I will be in conversation with the David Lynch Foundation talking about the power of meditation in healing, amongst other wonderfully inspiring stories.

I look forward to sharing all of this with you and love to hear your thoughts.  As my beautiful young son said, ´We won 2019, Mum´  – I got through the brain cancer and came out the other side and Im here to tell the tales and talk about what I learnt in that process which was truly profound.  We can all self-heal and we can use our inner mind power to create the extraordinary if we know where to find it.

Look forward to catching up with you here. Please leave comments, I love to hear from you.

With love




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