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  • Something is taking care of us. Trust that.




  • Life is meant to be beautiful

    Going back to simple is good



About Susie Pearl

Welcome to my blog about conscious living and healthy lifestyle. I’m a writer on current trends in wellbeing, creativity, health and happiness. I write about the power of living positively with more harmony and less stress.  I explore how we can live being kinder to ourselves and other animals, finding better ways to take care of our precious planet.  Leading with better food decisions and taking in less harmful chemicals in our everyday living.

Technology is moving fast, the world is in a time of big change and there is a lot of fear and anxiety around. Stress and related diseases is one of the biggest killers in modern civilisation. It’s time to put more focus on ways to reduce stress and work towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I’ve spent a lot of time investigating new ways to live happier with supportive routines and finding out how we can get more connected to ourself and others. This is a place where I love to share information on easy and useful tools for creating balance and wellness.

I founded a successful global entertainment communications agency, ran a successful personal transformation business, and explored tools for transformation from around the world. It’s been a colourful journey. And its been stressful for a lot of that time. Spectacular meltdowns, traumas and life events paved the way for some serious soul searching.

This year I was diagnosed with a brain tumour out of the blue.  I had lost my memory and got taken for a scan and the diagnosis was made.  ‘This is not good news and doesn’t look good’, the doctors told me.  They said that I wouldn’t survive if i didn’t immediately get treatment.  The journey that followed taught me deep and profound lessons about life, friends and family. I now have a clear bill of health and am entering back into life and returning home after months of hospital treatment. I’m a different person after this journey and it feels like I have new and upgraded operating software following this deep experience.  I’ve learnt how to ask for help and receive support from an amazing community around me.

My family life is in a quiet forest home in rural Ibiza. I’ve been learning from farmers, shamans, scientists, spiritual warriors, new communities of radical thinkers, spiritual writings and nutritionists. Here is my writing about using mind, body, spirit in ways old and new.

I have a new book out early next year with Jasmine Hemsley, called True You, published by Bluebird and another new book called The Art of Creativity, out in March next year featuring discussions I’ve had with Russell Brand, Paul McCartney, KT Tunstall and David Lynch among others.

I look forward to sharing all of this with you and love to hear your thoughts.



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    How much do we judge one another? Within a tenth of a second we form quite a strong impression of a stranger from their face.


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