• Hemsley and Hemsley – Good and Simple

    There’s been great reviews for the second Hemsley and Hemsley cookbook – ‘Good and Simple’. I’ve been working with Jasmine for a few years now. They have got it going on with food.

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  • My new favourite power ball

    A recipe for magic balls that are incredible. Easy to make, just a few ingredients, no cooking. You can be eating these in 10 minutes and everyone will be popping round to yours. Try them. They’re delicious.

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About Susie Pearl


I’m a writer on wellbeing, health and mind care. I write about the power of living positively with more harmony and less stress.

Technology and our world are moving faster. Stress is now one of the biggest killers. It’s time for more focus to reduce stress and work towards healthier and happier lives. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best ways to live happier and with positive psychology, uplifting routines and mindfulness. I’m sharing the latest information on tools for creating balance and wellness.

I founded a successful global entertainment communications agency, run a successful personal transformation business, and explored tools for transformation from around the world. It’s been a colourful journey.

Now family life is in a quiet forest home in rural Ibiza. I’ve been learning from the shamans, scientists, spiritual warriors, new communities of leading thinkers, spiritual writings and nutritionists. Here is my writing about using mind, body, spirit in ways old and new. I look forward to sharing with you.



  • First impressions

    How much do we judge one another? Within a tenth of a second we form quite a strong impression of a stranger from their face.

  • Power of animal – human communication

    An eye opening story and a reminder of how we influence and affect all living things by our thoughts and intentions. Opening the door of possibilities on animal to human communication.


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